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From humble beginnings

People had been asking me for years to create an organic beeswax crayons with no icky ingredients (like paraffin waxes) that had rich colors that they could use in their schools.  

I was trained my Her Schnurbart in plant colors and color theory in Switzerland in the 1920s. 

After many years as a Waldorf teacher, I embarked on a quest to produce these wonderful crayons.  

The crayon you have are the result of years of research, testing and improvements.  We send our crayons to children, schools and home-schools all over North America and beyond.  

-David Kennedy, 2018, Colorado, USA

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We hand pour (yes, we really do) all of our crayons using wonderful ingredients.  We make everyone crayon in our small factory here in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Colorado, near a small town called Paonia. 

We use certified organic beeswax in all of our crayons and every color has been created with much care and love.